Finding your Ancestors in The Newspapers

Different search options Newspapers hold so much information on our ancestors and could potentially hold the key to help unlock mysteries about who they were and what they did. As more and more newspapers are digitized and made available online, the more we can learn. Search options scan the computer generated text, a process calledContinue reading “Finding your Ancestors in The Newspapers”

Finding Sources

Accidentally finding interesting websites Recently I came across an online article about finding your relatives in Lutheran Church records. My German ancestors were Lutheran, so I clicked the link to read more. Unfortunatly, it was a premium article that I couldn’t read without a subscription. I then decided to go searching for other articles onContinue reading “Finding Sources”

When you can’t read the handwriting

Tips and tricks Digging into the past is a fun experience and we enjoy what we can uncover about who came before us. As we find more out, we can go back further and further in time. But this can lead to frustration when we cannot read the handwriting on the documents. This could beContinue reading “When you can’t read the handwriting”

Why Do They Believe That?

Following the research of others I have been going over all my lines here and there, seeing what information I still need, and where I need to “clean up” old broken sources, add sources and just a good “house cleaning”. Years ago, I received information on my Bruton line. I was excited to see thatContinue reading “Why Do They Believe That?”

Finding New Family

When you notice something on a record Recently, I wanted to update and organize my records for my Gille family binder. I had in mind to print off all the records I had downloaded and place them with the correct families in my binder. The Gille family is one I am researching the entire familyContinue reading “Finding New Family”

Keeping up with Websites

Staying Organized In my researching, I Google quite often. I come across many different websites in doing so. Some I may want to revisit. I was losing track of these websites, since I’d scribble down the address, or hope that it would print at the bottom of the page from the site. This was startingContinue reading “Keeping up with Websites”

Taking Inventory

Recording Sources and Records on Hand Since we’ve been stuck at home these last few weeks, I have started taking inventory of what sources and documents I have saved on my computer and printed in my binder for our ancestors. I don’t have the time I would like to completely dedicate to getting organized betterContinue reading “Taking Inventory”

Finding a Death Date

When Death Records can’t be found Lately, I have been researching my husband’s side of the family, a side I am unfamiliar with. We recently discovered that he is related to Mathew Caldwell, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Since then, I have set out to prove this with as much evidence asContinue reading “Finding a Death Date”

Why Did They Move?

Moving Westward The migration of families is an interesting one. Most people in the United States of America came from immigrants who arrived by boat from Europe. These people came seeking a better way of life for themselves and their families. It is interesting too, to see how these families moved within the United StatesContinue reading “Why Did They Move?”

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