Finding New Family

When you notice something on a record

Recently, I wanted to update and organize my records for my Gille family binder. I had in mind to print off all the records I had downloaded and place them with the correct families in my binder. The Gille family is one I am researching the entire family on.

I had come across birth registries in a church book in Germany. I brought up one of the children’s records to crop it in Adobe Photoshop and get it ready for printing, and noticed the name Buhmann a couple lines down. This was Marie Gille’s, the babies mother, maiden name. So, curiosity got the best of me as I wondered if this could be a child of her brother. Trouble was, I had no idea who any of her family was. So I set out to see what I could find on this Johann Christ Buhmann and his wife Dorothea Elisabeth Franche.

With a little research on Library Edition (thank you pandemic for this at home access – ha!) I found that this indeed was her brother. Their parents names matched as well as location. I found his birth and marriage records, as well as other birth records for his children.

This led me to find other siblings of Marie Dorothee. I have now been trying to transcribe these old German registers and find out more about my German heritage. I still haven’t printed out the documents I was going to. But, this is so much more interesting! Ha!

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