Why Do They Believe That?

Following the research of others

I have been going over all my lines here and there, seeing what information I still need, and where I need to “clean up” old broken sources, add sources and just a good “house cleaning”.

Years ago, I received information on my Bruton line. I was excited to see that my 6th great grandfather was a Revolutionary War hero, George Bruton. So, over the years I began compiling information on him when I could find it. What I know about him was that he was born in 1762 South Carolina, and at some point after the war, moved to Kentucky where he died and is buried. One can find this information quite easily. What is uncertain is how exactly he is related to my Bruton line.

I can follow my Bruton line all the way to James Bruton quite easily with the records that are available. According the information I was given, he would be Geroge’s grandson. Unfortunately, the information I was given did not include the source of the information. Basically, they did not list where they found the information. So, I set out to see how others came to this conclusion and find the sources. I am still working on this.

James is said to be the son of George Bruton Jr., son of George Bruton the Revolutionary war hero. George Bruton Sr. lived in southern Kentucky. James lived in Northern Tennessee for a bit, and then moved to Kentucky. Little is known about George Jr. It is believed that he is the George Bruton who married Susan Sallee in Mercer County Kentucky in either 1806 or 1800 depending on how you read the handwriting.

Some of the information that I received, came from a book written in 1974, that compiles family history of the Sallee family. The Bruton’s are in chapter IX, Unconnected Sallees. Here, it is mentioned there was a letter from George Jr, delivered by his son James for consent for his daughter Eliza to marry in 1828. It did not mention where the original letter can be found, or where they were married.

Searching for more information, I found a Facebook group for the Bruton family name. There are several descendants from George Bruton Sr. on there, so I figured this would be a good place to start. So far, I have only heard that these relationships are the case, but nothing to suggest why they are.

There is too much uncertainty for me right now to say that yes, this Revolutionary hero George Bruton is the grandfather of my gggg grandfather James Bruton. The information, sources, and documents have not been presented to me and I have not found them on my own. I do know that many records have been lost through the ages due to time, war, disasters, and negligence.

I am going to keep digging around and plotting what I find. I will come to my own conclusions based on the best evidence. I am open to James’ parents being someone else too. This project might have to wait until I can get to Kentucky and Tennessee in person to look through what is not available online.

What I do know: James Bruton was born about 1808 in Kentucky. In 1850 he and his family are living in Scott county, Tennessee. In 1860 and 1870, they are in Cumberland County, Kentucky. He can be found as the Postmaster for Burksville, Kentucky in 1874. He was living with his son Sandusky in 1880 in Barren County, Kentucky. He is buried in Bowls Cemetery in Barren County, Kentucky.

What I need sources for:

  • 9 Sep 1830, he married Rosanna Sandusky in Wayne County, Kentucky.
  • That he died 10 May 1882 in either Barren County or Cumberland County, Kentucky.
  • Who his father is.

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