Finding your Ancestors in The Newspapers

Different search options Newspapers hold so much information on our ancestors and could potentially hold the key to help unlock mysteries about who they were and what they did. As more and more newspapers are digitized and made available online, the more we can learn. Search options scan the computer generated text, a process calledContinue reading “Finding your Ancestors in The Newspapers”

Finding a Death Date

When Death Records can’t be found Lately, I have been researching my husband’s side of the family, a side I am unfamiliar with. We recently discovered that he is related to Mathew Caldwell, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Since then, I have set out to prove this with as much evidence asContinue reading “Finding a Death Date”

Who were they?

Discovering who people are in old family photographs. I have this picture from my great grand parents photo album, but I am not sure who the couple is in the photograph with them. Luckily, they labeled the photograph “Vohres – Lake Worth”. Who were the Vohres? Where they family friends? An aunt and Uncle? PenContinue reading “Who were they?”

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