Taking Inventory

Recording Sources and Records on Hand

Since we’ve been stuck at home these last few weeks, I have started taking inventory of what sources and documents I have saved on my computer and printed in my binder for our ancestors. I don’t have the time I would like to completely dedicate to getting organized better since we also have school work to accomplish during the day. But, I am doing what I can.

Eventually I want to compile a document tracker spreadsheet for all the information I have gathered and saved per individual. Along with that, I want to print out a chart for each binder that includes the people in that binder. I got the idea for the document tracker off a blog post I found on Pinterest.

It is very time consuming to go through each folder for each family and compare that to my Family Tree software. Now that I have RootsMagic program, I can save a note for each event/fact that I have for a person, and there I can record if I have a physical copy, digital copy, or just an index listing of the record. I can also add a picture, but I can’t seem to figure how to have it attach to the event. Since I began my journey with PAF and that program did not have the individual note section for each fact, I still will need a lot of time to record what I have either way.

I am also working on keeping better notes on where I have researched, how I have researched and where I would like to research. Saving the notes on RootsMagic in more specific areas, rather than just one general note, is making this easier. I can look at each event and see what I have done, add to it as needed, and not keep looking at the same places.

One other thing I want to eventually do, is have a master list for towns and county sources and books that I have looked at, since those can include many families and individuals.

There is a lot to keep up with in family history!

How do you keep up with all your information?

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