Family Surnames

A list of family surnames I am researching and their location:

  • Abney: England, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky
  • Bishop: Illinois
  • Broecker: Germany, Illinois
  • Bruton: England, Tennessee, Kentucky
  • Bumann: Germany
  • Caldwell: Kentucky, Texas
  • Casey: Ireland, Indiana
  • Davis: Louisiana, Texas
  • Dillon: Illinois, Ohio, Virginia
  • Gille: Germany, Illinois
  • Holtschlag: Germany, Illinois
  • Kennedy: Ireland, Indiana
  • McNamara: Ireland, Indiana, Ohio
  • Morris: Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana
  • Schepler: Germany
  • Shaler: Germany, Indiana
  • Smoot: Kentucky, Texas
  • Vahle: Germany, Illinois

Are you researching any of the families above? Perhaps we are cousins?

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